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22 April 2014

Brush stroke test with Creative Intuos Stylus / iPad Air

I just ended up reading about the struggle concerning the Wacom's Creative Intuos Stylus. It seems that anyone hasn't come up with any solution yet. As far as I've understood it right, the main problem is the light touches, which are not registered... or enormous amount of pressure is needed to produce any stroke at all.

I did another test (here's the previous one) with my ICS (iPad Air + Procreate app). I drew 9 individual strokes with various brushes trying to start from very light and end with hard pressure. The rubber nib barely touching the screen is not enough, but I still would call it a light touch when the stroke starts. Also I never feel I need to use an exceptionally hard touch.

After 6 months I'm still perfectly happy with my ICS. I have used it a lot, but only just week or two ago I needed to change the battery and the rubber nib for the first time. My drawing style is rather rough, so I may not notice the problem with the very very light touches. Also I have absolutely no experience of other pressure sensitive styli, so it's hard for me to say how does ICS compare with other styli. So, here's one happy ICS user.

Here's some links to drawings that I've done with the ICS-iPad Air-Procreat app -combo:
Roadwork dragon, Medusa, Barbarella and Gollum.

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