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24 September 2011

Hands with five fingers for a change

Talking about drawing hands... I needed to illustrate a bit more realistic hands after a while. As I'm usually doing kind of "cartoonish" stuff I most often end up drawing hands with four fingers. In my recent editorial illustration that wasn't an option and I had to go the hard way. Drawing realistic stuff is bit of a challenge for me in general.

sketching hands
The article tells a story about a woman who wanted to learn to ride a motorbike no matter how hard it is. Her teacher was such a patient and understanding guardian.

motorbike rider and guarding hands

21 September 2011

Drawing hands - creating expressions

I haven't been totally unaware of it, but I'm afraid I also earlier haven't fully realized it either - the significant role of hands when creating expressions in illustrations. All this especially when drawing in cartoon style.

In my current project I've been illustrating a lot of characters, which need to be as vivid and characteristic as possible. One of the characters is wearing a woolly hat covering his eyes. As the eyes have an important role in creating expressions, I have now had to do it some other way. And that's when the hands come in.

Here is a set of hands I've sketched for those characters. Basically it seems to be the angles - on wrists and fingers - that need to be exaggerated.

drawing hands
And now, seeing these hands cut apart from the bodies, they seem to be like loose sentences out of the original context. They seem to have lost their meaning.

10 September 2011

Spot illustration for a headline

I just finished a title illustration for an article. What if you get surprised? Unpleasantly. Just like that, out of the blue... get booted.

afraid to get fired

01 September 2011

Plate face doodles

During the previous 3-4 weeks I've been too busy to illustrate anything special, (except my current work project, which is special in it's own way of course... and also the reason why I'm busy). What I mean is that I haven't had time to do any gorilla kind of stuff.

But I've been drawing something anyway. Every now and then, while having a cup of coffee or watching a tv program that fails to catch my full attention, I've been testing brush tip markers, which I'm not too familiar with. Among plenty of other "meaningless" things I've been doodling these strange plate faces, which put together, makes a pretty nice set. So, with this set of plate faces I'm trying to please the God of draw-something-special.

plate face doodles