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27 June 2012

Illustration Friday - Space

This is my tribute to my childhood hero Kössi Kenguru (Kössi the kangaroo) a finnish animation character from 1970 something. Back then animations were not stuffed with action and fancy effects. In one episode Kössi travels to space (take a look) and meets the zodiac dragon. Those were the days :)

kössi kenguru in space

25 June 2012

Football doodles during Euro 2012 QF, England - Italy

The quarter final England - Italy in Euro 2012 was expected to be a boring game due their defensive playing strategies. That's why I equipped myself with a drawing pad and pens. Even though they didn't score until the shootout, the game wasn't actually that bad.

Doodling during the game was almost like drawing croquis. Only I wouldn't recommend it if you really want to enjoy the heat of the game. Thank god for the replays :)

19 June 2012

Grandma feeling dizzy sketches

I just did an editorial illustration and needed to include a grandma, who is just about to faint. A man carrying a fish in the background I managed to sketch just like that, but the grandma I wasn't happy with.

grandma feeling dizzy

In addition to her face, the hands and the feet and the general pose had an important role when creating an impression of a fainting person.

grandma feeling dizzy

After trying several different poses, I found some good ones, but in the end I rejected them, because I was afraid that they were too slapstick-like. So I ended up to choosing a pose that is pretty similar than the one I started with.

grandma feeling dizzy

Here is the final line drawing before coloring. Now that I look at this, there's too much suffer in her face and she should have been slightly more out of balance. It looks more like she's just having a headache.

grandma feeling dizzy

Like so often, only once you do something, you know how it should have been done. Better luck next time. I'm already looking for a chance to draw a fainting person :)

03 June 2012

Illustration Friday - Hurry!

This weeks IF-word "hurry" made me think motions, and the most hurryish motion that came to my mind is a running penguin. That's pretty hard to beat.

Actually there is a counterpart for a running penguin in human world that makes a good runner-up (literally). If you have ever seen a... well, I don't know what's the name of the folk that wear ultra tight jeans that are hanging half way down... anyway, if you have ever seen that kind of creature running (or moving fast at least), you may know what I mean. I've seen such a phenomenon once, and I'll never forget it. It was HILARIOUS. No wonder you don't see that every day.