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26 September 2013

A stressed truck driver

One of my recent works was an editorial illustration for a magazine. It was about how much money is spared with a decent driving style. Not to mention how ecological it is. Once again, it was more juicy to present how things are done the bad way. Therefore the actors of this play are a stressed truck driver, a heaten up engine and a draining gas tank.

I ended up presenting things in infographic'ish way.

a stressed truck driver

... and here's some close-ups.

a stressed truck driver

a heaten up engine

gas streaming into an engine

a rolling wheel

08 September 2013

Zombie sketches with Paper 53 iPad app

Little by little I'm getting used to using iPad for sketching. Here's some zombie sketches for a recent project. I have some 3-4 drawing apps in my iPad. I try to use them all, but so far the work flow of the Paper 53 app has been the most comfortable for me. It's pretty intuitive. And that's the app I did these sketches with.

sketches of zombie character

... oh, and here's the finished version by the way. It's done in Adobe Illustrator.

a zombie scuffing towards