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31 March 2014

Gollum and a tasty fissssss-sh

Who cares about stupid magic rings as long as there's fishes around? Gollum doesn't. I notice now that forgot to draw one delicious detail, those few lone hairs of Gollum. Anyway, this was extremely interesting character to draw.

28 March 2014

Banana split by the mighty Tarzan

Tarzan was definitely part of my childhood. I read all the books and watched all the films. He was my greatest hero at the time, and I strongly believe that if a banana can be used as a deadly weapon, it must be Tarzan who is able to do it. This kind of vivid and loose drawing style fits me perfectly.

23 March 2014

Barbarella - a legendary scifi figure from sixties

With this drawing (or is it more like painting..?) for Sketch Dailies I tested a style I may use in an upcoming project.

18 March 2014

17 March 2014

The plumber troll

Here's a troll character, which I did for sketch dailies couple of days ago. It's not just any troll, but a plumber troll. As far as I know, it sneaks into people's houses during the dark hours and fiercely attacks any clogs of pipes and toilet seats. So, if you think there's nothing wrong with the pipes in your house... there probably isn't... thanks to the plumber troll!

13 March 2014

Medusa for Sketch Dailies

Just another piece I did for Sketch Dailies = for fun. Should she visit her hairdresser?

09 March 2014

Experimenting with my students - digital illustration

I just finished a course of digital illustration. Every now and then I do also myself the exercise that I give to my students. Here's such kind of piece - a semi-abstract-collage-compilation... just in case it needs to be categorized. This is also an excellent example of a overworked illustration. That's quite often what I come up with whenever I start experimenting.