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27 August 2014

Sketching space gladiators in a battle

Couple of days ago I gave my students a task to design two characters - enemies with each other. At the moment my schedule seems to allow me to make that task with them. So I started to sketch an idea of two space gladiators.

As I didn't have a very clear vision what the characters should look like and not having done this kind of creatures that much before, I found it very hard to come up with anything nice.

When I couldn't come up with a decent composition easily, I used Illustrator to build it with simple shapes. My idea is that the other one is having a scifi-kind-of-blast-cannon to stun it's enemy and the other one is using the same tactic as a viviparous lizard - dropping its tail to bluff the enemy. And that tail being very showy, kind of like the peacock has.

After I found a decent composition I started to build up the characters and their details in Photoshop.

Only at this phase I started to fit in more gladiator props.

Looking forward to finish this... if my other projects just allow me to do it.

18 August 2014

Superman - tricot covered flying object

Usually when I feel an urge to draw just something without having any specific topic I end up drawing something that I've seen others drawing a lot, like superheroes, viking warriors, robots, monsters... the list is endless. Well at least I draw something instead of using 2 years trying to come up with extremely original...

Anyway, here's the Superman. In the end I think I had more dynamic postures in the sketches than in the final piece.

In the coloured version I tried to find a colouring method that would fit with a soft and greasy line work. I guess I failed to do that, because the outline sort of lost the vivid feeling it had before colouring. I believe it needs more subtle colours. That kind of line work needs air to breath. So I still need to work on that. Otherwise I'm quite happy. I believe I found some things that can be useful in future.

13 August 2014

Princess Leia

Another semi-experimental piece I did for Sketch Dailies.

09 August 2014

Hockey goalie - Jussi Markkanen, SaiPa

While Finland is sweating in a heatwave, it's easy to forget that there's only one month to the start of new ice hockey season. In order to cool myself a little bit, I did a player portrait of Jussi Markkanen - the magical goalie of my favourite hockey team. I could have picked him anyway, but in fact I chose a player whom the fans of SaiPa voted for the player of the season 2013-14. I hope to see him glueing the bucks in the way he did last season. Go Jussi, go SaiPa!

... and couple of close ups.

Nike - goddess of victory in Greek mythology

Trying some new thing with a late Sketch Dailies piece.

08 August 2014

Andrea Pirlo - an artist of the football fields

If I should name the most elegant football player, that would be Andrea Pirlo of Juventus. And furthermore, he's not only elegant but also a real artist on the field. I've heard someone say: "Plays like a god, looks like Jesus". Forza Juve!

... some close ups.