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23 May 2013

Sketch of a desert shepherd

A quick sketch for an ongoing project. I'm doing a lot of tiny spot illustrations for a map of Africa. I visited Sahara some 13 years ago, but I don't recall seeing any shepherds. Thanks to Google image search I had at least some references to lean on.

a shepherd with a goatling

21 May 2013

A mental mindset of development

Just finished an editorial illustration. I tried to visualize a mental mindset of development. This time I decided to do without Pegasos and other mythic creatures.

mental mindset of development

16 May 2013

Teenagers cleaning up the house

Lately I've been working on teenager characters for a project that started already two years ago. As I'm not able to post the new ones until they are published, here's a sample from last year's set - teens cleaning up the house. The biggest fun is to clean Ming Dynasty vases.

teenagers cleaning up the house and ming dynasty vase