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09 April 2016

03 April 2016

Robot characters for kids' event

I recently had an extremely fun and inspirational project. I designed 4 robot illustrations for an event in which kids and their teachers exchanged their experiences they had achieved by using Lego-robots in their schools.

I first had a workshop with children to get ideas for robots. Kids designed and drew their own robot characters and based on those drawings I came up with concepts for the robots. Who would have expected an ice cream robot being one of them? The other 3 concepts were actually pretty practical... wait, did I just sort of claimed that ice cream robot wouldn't be practical..? Ask kids, they know better. I also could utilize some juicy details from kids' drawings.

So here are images in which I have combined either a sketch or a vector path image with the finished one.

The window cleaning robot.

The hedge cutter robot.

The dog walker robot.

The ice cream robot.

13 December 2015

Illustration Friday - Unicorn

A horn, but no wings... which one would be more useful for a mythology horse?

02 December 2015

15 November 2015

Illustration Friday - Animal

After a very long while, a doodle for Illustration Friday. Playing around with Procreate app is so much fun.