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11 February 2014

A rebellious Honey Badger

A honey badger seems to be a rebellious kind of animal to me. At least it must be something that doesn't like to be called "honey". A quick piece for sketch_dailies.

08 February 2014

My first sketch dailies - Robin Hood

Couple of days ago I started to follow sketch_dailies on twitter. Seems to be so much fun that I wanted to have a try when ever I have some time. Now I did it... even though I didn't really have that time.

04 February 2014

The Top Dog with upgraded street credibility

I'm just working on the very last bits of a project that started already some three years ago. For sort of a mascot for the whole project I illustrated a dog character, Top Dog (here's some sketches of the Top Dog and here's the finished Top Dog character).

The Top Dog had to be kind of laid-back fellow with some street credibility. Initially I drew the character carrying a spray can, but as a school book can't be too wild the spray can was obviously a bit too much - totally understandable - and it got replaced by a thick marker pen.

Now that I've been practising with my new drawing toys (iPad Air + Intuos creative stylus + Procreate app) I often end up drawing just something stupid. This time I decided to draw the Top Dog with upgraded street credibility. In addition to the spray can that got banned I also tried a bit edgier drawing style. A dog bone must be the thing such a fellow would spray on a wall.

02 February 2014

Illustration Friday - Exotic

As the moon is made of cheese, it's probably not just any cheese...