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17 November 2013

Another try for the recent sketch

I needed to fix the sketch that I recently posted. The cartboard boxes replaced with one plastic basket and different placement for the characters. Now that I think of this, maybe they should also have an eye contact with each other...

07 November 2013

Illustration Friday - Secret

The mother and the father and of all secrets.

skeleton pirate holding a tresure map

A late halloween - skull sketches

Here's what I came up with after a random sketching session. It seems that halloween came a bit late for me this year... And I came to think how easy it is to forget that it's actually this creepy object that every one of us is observing the world from.

sketches of a skull

sketches of a skull

01 November 2013

Illustration Friday - Creature

A little something for Illustration Friday... in the middle of busy projects...

winged creature in the sky