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28 February 2012

Superhero - Soap-bubble-lady

As my students mostly worked independently today, I had some time to take a challenge they tossed on me: Create a female superhero character... with additional attributes: soap bubbles, dreadlocks and orange suit.

superhero the Soap Bubble Lady

24 February 2012

Trying out a collage illustration exercise

I tried out an exercise I use to give my students when I teach digital illustration; a dynamic, energetic and vivid college illustration out of given elements.

experimental collage illustration

19 February 2012

Top Dog cardboard dummy

Couple of days ago I visited a publisher to talk about my upcoming project. I was delighted to see a cardboard dummy they had made from the Top Dog character I illustrated for a school book. It was actually a bit strange to see it in such a big size, as the characters in the book are hardly the size of a thumb.

top dog cardboard dummy

12 February 2012

Croquis drawing with iPad and Adobe Idea

Even though I felt like disgracing the honorable tradition of croquis drawing, I took my iPad with me and tested the Adobe Idea software I had just purchased. No paper, no pencil or any other tangible drawing instrument. Just my finger and the cold surface of iPad screen. It wasn't very fluent. I struggled a lot and had a constant urge to grab my pens and drawing pad, but I didn't give up. In the end it wasn't THAT hopeless. I certainly will give it another chance.

croquis drawing with iPad and Adobe Idea