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29 January 2013

Set of random sketches

A set of random sketches for no particular use.

set of sketches

22 January 2013

Illustration Friday - Myth

Lately I've been far too busy to take part in Illustration Friday. Now, between Busy #1 and Busy #2, there was just enough time to quickly do something.

Well, in case you have considered unicorns sloppy creatures, they have at least a fairly organized way to file important papers.

unicorn filing important papers

21 January 2013

A sketch for a robot illustration

Here's a rough sketch of a robot. I'm planning to use it with my students next week in my course of digital illustration.

sketc of a robot

The sketch is merely just something to start from. With simple structure I'm hoping to leave my students space to follow their own visions and create multiple different variations with textures, lines, details and so on... I'm looking forward what I and my students will come up with.

sketc of a robot

08 January 2013

A samurai warrior - illustrating with type

I'll start lecturing another course of digital illustration tomorrow, and I quickly wanted to test an exercise that I aim to give to my students.

Initially I had no clue what I was gonna do... just a character I guess, but after moving elements here and there for a while there was something that reminded me of a samurai. I definitely won't use this technique in croquis-drawing.

a samurai warrior with type

03 January 2013

Semir Ben-amor and the problem of dropping gloves

Despite the busy schedule I had a little time to finish something I started earlier... That something is just another hockey caricature - Semir Ben-Amor playing currently in Jokerit Helsinki.

Ben-Amor's violent show in the beginning of the on going hockey season raised a lot of debate about hockey violence. Just couple of days ago a court made its own judgement and set a fine of 3500€ for Ben-Amor. Case closed? We'll see.

Well, if the dropping gloves seems to be a problem in ice hockey, why not use similar gloves they use in boxing? I have never seen a boxer to drop his gloves.

caricature of Semir Ben-Amor