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29 April 2014

Little Bo Peep goes Star Wars

I couldn't resist mixing some Star Wars into this one for Sketch Dailies.

24 April 2014

Why haven't anyone seen the Loch Ness Monster lately

Some time ago I realised that my illustrations are usually character oriented - there's a character or maybe two and that's pretty much it. To become better at drawing scenes and spaces, I should naturally start doing pieces that has more that just a character.

This may be a small step to that direction, but I hope it's counted. As the Nessie is such a vague creature, it was fun to illustrate it so that there's only some parts of it poking in here and there. I guess I managed to create a space of some sort... only - now that I look at this - it lacks a lot of underwater feeling. Maybe next time...

23 April 2014

Captain Planet

This fellow sure knows how to do gardening. Isn't that a mullet hair btw? Trying a little bit of something new with this piece for Sketch Dailies.

22 April 2014

Brush stroke test with Creative Intuos Stylus / iPad Air

I just ended up reading about the struggle concerning the Wacom's Creative Intuos Stylus. It seems that anyone hasn't come up with any solution yet. As far as I've understood it right, the main problem is the light touches, which are not registered... or enormous amount of pressure is needed to produce any stroke at all.

I did another test (here's the previous one) with my ICS (iPad Air + Procreate app). I drew 9 individual strokes with various brushes trying to start from very light and end with hard pressure. The rubber nib barely touching the screen is not enough, but I still would call it a light touch when the stroke starts. Also I never feel I need to use an exceptionally hard touch.

After 6 months I'm still perfectly happy with my ICS. I have used it a lot, but only just week or two ago I needed to change the battery and the rubber nib for the first time. My drawing style is rather rough, so I may not notice the problem with the very very light touches. Also I have absolutely no experience of other pressure sensitive styli, so it's hard for me to say how does ICS compare with other styli. So, here's one happy ICS user.

Here's some links to drawings that I've done with the ICS-iPad Air-Procreat app -combo:
Roadwork dragon, Medusa, Barbarella and Gollum.

Xena the warrior princess

Another action character for Sketch Dailies. This time I really tried to be quick and avoid getting too far into details.

21 April 2014

Lady of the lake - Intuos Creative Stylus

Here's my "Lady of the lake". A piece I drew during the easter holidays as a catch up for Sketch Dailies. This one, like almost all of my latest posts, is made with a iPad Air - Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus - Procreate app -combo.

Now that I have used these great toys nearly half a year I'm still more than happy with them. IPad's screen is just great and there's enough power to avoid any lagging during drawing. Wacom's stylus has also worked perfectly even though some seem to have had quite some trouble with it, especially when working with iPad Air. And last but not least, the Procreate app has been incredible, much much more than I never could have expected. Ever since I started using it, I haven't even opened any other drawing app a single time.

14 April 2014

Ice hockey team SaiPa's season 2013-14 in infographics

My favourite hockey team Saipa's season ended today. Even though it ended with a loss in a bronze game - all in all - the season has been a great one - there has been ups and downs, moments of joy and bitter losses and... what I've been most happy about... a lot of good fighting spirit.

Like last year (season 2012-2013 here!), I have made a visual wrap up of Saipa's season. Hopefully I have all the details correctly.

Click to enlarge the image!

Link to the previous season added.

09 April 2014

Illustration Friday - Survival

Just a little something for Illustration Friday for a change.

By the way the Creative Intuos Stylus - iPad Air - ProCreate App -combo is still going very, very strong.

08 April 2014

Pele - hawaiian goddess of volcanoes

This time I tried to manage without any splashes and splatters... Nearly did it, the glow kind of required a bit of it.

04 April 2014

Valkyrie for Sketch Dailies

Another character for Sketch Dailies. This time it was Valkyrie, a figure from Norse mythology.

I've really enjoyed drawing these Sketch Dailies challenges. As they are posted around 8PM my time, I usually try to finish them before I go to bed, which means I have only couple of hours, which means I have to be quick, which means I can't think too much, which means I often end up doing something I didn't expect, which makes me learn, which is always nice!

Yet I notice that using all kind of splashes, drips, sprays and splatters is forming a habit to me. I'll try to avoid them with the next Sketch Dailies piece.