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30 November 2012

Painting over the doubt

Here's a small illustration that I did recently for a magazine. It was about removing uncertainty, and I came up with hands that are painting over a question mark. It's done in Illustrator from start to finish. I tried some new things here, such as the bumby edges in shapes. That's someting I'm definitely going to use in the future. I'm also quite happy with the quality of paint rollers' track.

painting over a question mark

25 November 2012

Ice hockey cheerleader 5/14 - Kärpät

Finally, after couple of urgent work projects, I got some time to go on with my series of ice hockey cheerleaders. The next team to get a cheerleader character is Kärpät from Oulu. Kärpät (translates to ermines) is one of the 3 teams in finnish ice hockey league, whose name refers to an animal.

And animal-lead I did follow. Only I didn't want to be too obvious and clothe her in fur. Ermine is tiny, agile and a predator, and these qualities I tried to emphasize for example with her racy stance. Also, with her white hair I tried to refer to ermine's tail.

ice hockey cheerleader for kärpät

16 November 2012

The mood of take off

As I've lately been doing a lot of informative illustrations, it was very pleasant to do so called mood-illustration for a change. For this illustration I needed to capture the mood of take off. This is about how I saw it...

face of a woman and the mood of take off

Here's a rough sketch that I made to present my idea to a client.

... and here's a random clip from the clipboard from the beginning of the process.

07 November 2012

Facebook profile images for Snow White and co

As a part of my recent project was an interesting version of the Snow White. Some of the fairy tale's turn of events were told as if the characters were in Facebook. Here's my vision what their Facebook profile images would look like - Queen, Huntsman, Queen (she changed her profile image), Snow White and Prince.

facebook profile images for Snow White and co