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30 April 2013

Total saldo of my sketching trip

Home again. Here's the total saldo of sketches I did during my recent work-leisure-trip to Milan, Italy. Milan can definitely be added to the list of cities where it's nice to do some work. I'm looking forward the next trip/city.

sketches of teenage characters

27 April 2013

War helmet doodles

I believe there comes a time for every one of us when one becomes aware of his or her inner ancient-war-helmet-enthusiast. For me that was yesterday and the place was Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

Wouldn't that be nice to see for example nowaday's ice hockey or football players wear such fantastic pieces of art... made of full metal of course ;)

26 April 2013

Fun and work in Milan

As my office/studio is pretty convertible I packed it into my pocket and flew to Milan. Naturally I've mainly enjoyed the city but I've also worked a bit. Here's how my studio looks like at the moment. It consists of chair, iPad, drawind board, two pillows to adjust the height and of course the nice view!

During my trip I'm doing only sketching.

I also found a book with nice illustrations by Matteo Piana. At the moment my italian is not enough to read it easily, but I'm getting forward... lentamente, ma certamente ;)

21 April 2013

Sketching yoga poses

Some yoga poses I sketched for an ongoing project. It would serve as a good croquis drawing session to draw people doing yoga... How badly they would want anyone to draw them is another story.

various yoga poses sketched

various yoga poses sketched

18 April 2013

Ice hockey cheerleader 9/14 - Pelicans

I'm desperately trying to finish my series of hockey cheerleaders before the season 2012-13 ends. As the finals between Tappara and Ässät are already in 1-1 situation, there's not too much time left. Anyway, the following cheerleader character is for Pelicans from Lahti.

As with the previous team Ilves (Lynx), there was no need to have any brainstorms to come up with ideas as the team has such a name. But instead, I've been scratching my head already beforehand - how to refer to such a funny looking animal in elegant way? Apparently I've been processing this problem on subconscious level, because in the end the solution came easily.

I was also happy to be able to leave poms out. I'm kind of fed up with them. That's most probably because I'm not happy how I have drawn them. Now that I look back to some earlier characters, the poms look like dead beavers. I seem to think that it's a pom that makes a cheerleader.

ice hockey cheerleader for pelicans

Ice hockey cheerleader 8/14 - Ilves

Next up in my series of imaginary cheerleader characters for finnish ice league teams is Ilves from Tampere. Ilves, translating to Lynx, gave such an obvious reference, which led me to this catlike pose with a bestial glance.

ice hockey cheerleader for ilves

15 April 2013

Random process shot of robot illustration

Here's random process shot of a recent robot illustration. The finished work can be seen in my illustration portfolio.

05 April 2013

Ice hockey cheerleader 7/14 - TPS

Due to urgent job projects there's certainly been a while since my last post for my ice hockey cheerleader series. I initially thought that I could finish the whole set before the season 2012-13 is over, but now it seems a challenging job as there's already semifinals going on. I'll see what can I do... I have also been drawing these characters in the order according to team's position in the standings, but now that most of the teams are out of the game it feels more sensible to go on with those that are out.

So here's an imaginary cheerleader for TPS (Turun Palloseura) one of the most traditional teams in finnish ice hockey league. There wasn't any obvious feature to refer to, so I basicly focused on team colors and doing an elegant character.

May this also be a tribute to the famous "Black Cobras" cheerleading-team, which some 10 years ago did cheerleading for TPS. What happend then, I don't know...

ice hockey cheerleader for tps

03 April 2013

Cheerleader series is about to go on...

It's definitely been a while since my previous post of cheerleader series. This is due to lot of reasons, urgent job projects being the most significant one. But now, there's something happening in that sector. Here's some early tastings of that something.

sketch of a cheerleader character