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05 April 2013

Ice hockey cheerleader 7/14 - TPS

Due to urgent job projects there's certainly been a while since my last post for my ice hockey cheerleader series. I initially thought that I could finish the whole set before the season 2012-13 is over, but now it seems a challenging job as there's already semifinals going on. I'll see what can I do... I have also been drawing these characters in the order according to team's position in the standings, but now that most of the teams are out of the game it feels more sensible to go on with those that are out.

So here's an imaginary cheerleader for TPS (Turun Palloseura) one of the most traditional teams in finnish ice hockey league. There wasn't any obvious feature to refer to, so I basicly focused on team colors and doing an elegant character.

May this also be a tribute to the famous "Black Cobras" cheerleading-team, which some 10 years ago did cheerleading for TPS. What happend then, I don't know...

ice hockey cheerleader for tps

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