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18 April 2013

Ice hockey cheerleader 9/14 - Pelicans

I'm desperately trying to finish my series of hockey cheerleaders before the season 2012-13 ends. As the finals between Tappara and Ässät are already in 1-1 situation, there's not too much time left. Anyway, the following cheerleader character is for Pelicans from Lahti.

As with the previous team Ilves (Lynx), there was no need to have any brainstorms to come up with ideas as the team has such a name. But instead, I've been scratching my head already beforehand - how to refer to such a funny looking animal in elegant way? Apparently I've been processing this problem on subconscious level, because in the end the solution came easily.

I was also happy to be able to leave poms out. I'm kind of fed up with them. That's most probably because I'm not happy how I have drawn them. Now that I look back to some earlier characters, the poms look like dead beavers. I seem to think that it's a pom that makes a cheerleader.

ice hockey cheerleader for pelicans

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