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26 April 2013

Fun and work in Milan

As my office/studio is pretty convertible I packed it into my pocket and flew to Milan. Naturally I've mainly enjoyed the city but I've also worked a bit. Here's how my studio looks like at the moment. It consists of chair, iPad, drawind board, two pillows to adjust the height and of course the nice view!

During my trip I'm doing only sketching.

I also found a book with nice illustrations by Matteo Piana. At the moment my italian is not enough to read it easily, but I'm getting forward... lentamente, ma certamente ;)


  1. Enjoy your stay and work in Milan!

    Matteo has a flexible and beautiful line, by the way.
    Quite similar to yours.

  2. Thanks, I will.

    Yes, I agree. Matteo has such a vivid line work.