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13 December 2015

Illustration Friday - Unicorn

A horn, but no wings... which one would be more useful for a mythology horse?

02 December 2015

15 November 2015

Illustration Friday - Animal

After a very long while, a doodle for Illustration Friday. Playing around with Procreate app is so much fun.

27 October 2015

Inktober 2015

Last year I noticed that folks were spending the gloomy and rainy October by drawing impressive set of inked pieces in the name of "Inktober", one every day of the month. This year I wanted to join the fun also myself and I did the first piece without even dreaming to do the full set of 31 days. Little by little... I found time to do more and more.

Here's some picks from the beginning of my set.

Being sometimes very badly behind THE so called schedule made me desperately draw faster than I would have otherwise done, and that, I found out, is something that I should do even more often. So far the Inktober has been a great training camp that has taught me some subtle nuances of expressive line work. Zappy line, I think, is not just a result of skill but also courage.

Making weird combinations of animal faces and fashion kind of poses has also been a great deal of fun.

It's probably against the rules of Inktober, but I couldn't help myself finishing pieces with a touch of coloured pencil.


18 September 2015

03 August 2015

Creepy Ronald McDonald

After a while I did a daily challenge, this time for Daily Doodle. Here's a character that must be one of the most iconic characters in the universe. Maybe it's just me, but I find Ronald McDonald nothing but creepy, and yet it's used to allure kids. I think Ronald would easily do a main role in just about any horror movie.

07 June 2015

Pan - the god of the wild

As playing pipes all day long every day must be a tough job even for a god of the wild, it should be okey to have a smoke every now and then.

20 May 2015

Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road

I haven't seen the Mad Max: Fury Road yet, but the Furiosa character would be a nice reason to watch the movie.

09 May 2015

Quetzalcoatl - a mesoamerican deity

Another doodle done for Sketch Dailies a little while back. It's a feathered snake, but now that I look at it, it's more like a dragon.

09 March 2015

Visual attempts to capture the essence of SISU

In Finland we have this thing called SISU. I don't know if there's an official definition for the word, but it's some kind of never-giving-up attitude. It's considered to be something so important that it's a part of so called finnish holy trinity: SISU - Sauna - Sibelius.

Some time ago I noticed that some are trying to rethink the concept of SISU, update it for this century. I found it challenging and inspiring to try to capture the essence of SISU just by drawing.

So, here they are, my three SISU-doodles.

... I just noticed that by seeing these images in order, one may calculate how much each doodle eats a pencil. Luckily those pencils doesn't cost a fortune.

02 February 2015

Zorro suffering from dyslexia

Spelling isn't always that easy. A vector piece for Daily Doodle.

18 January 2015

Jenny Sparks

Just another superhero that I haven't heard of until it was in Sketch Dailies. I would guess that she's british.

02 January 2015

Another live drawing session - Multicultural school -seminar

Not so long ago I did my first live drawing session, and just a couple of weeks ago I did yet another. This time it was slighty different case - I was drawing in a seminar - Multicultural school.

There were few speakers, a panel discussion and approximately 100 persons in audience. I was given a place on the side, and one of the three screens was reserved for my drawings. There was a document camera where I placed a drawing when I got it finished.

Although the day was slightly stressful, thanks to the interesting topics and speeches, it was also very interesting one and gave a lot to think about.

Inevitably there's an encounter of different cultures... in which should a culture be hided or put in safe..?

It's awkward to hear examples of prejudices about other cultures. They do exist, both ways, and I'm not sure whether they can ever be totally avoided.

Normality, if there is such thing, there also has to be someone to define it.

What if the adults are making problems out of nothing, maybe everything is going just fine?

In a worst case scenario the authorities has nothing but a strong wish, while in the end the responsibility of integration is left to a seven year old.

Oh, and happy New Year 2015 to everybody!