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02 January 2015

Another live drawing session - Multicultural school -seminar

Not so long ago I did my first live drawing session, and just a couple of weeks ago I did yet another. This time it was slighty different case - I was drawing in a seminar - Multicultural school.

There were few speakers, a panel discussion and approximately 100 persons in audience. I was given a place on the side, and one of the three screens was reserved for my drawings. There was a document camera where I placed a drawing when I got it finished.

Although the day was slightly stressful, thanks to the interesting topics and speeches, it was also very interesting one and gave a lot to think about.

Inevitably there's an encounter of different cultures... in which should a culture be hided or put in safe..?

It's awkward to hear examples of prejudices about other cultures. They do exist, both ways, and I'm not sure whether they can ever be totally avoided.

Normality, if there is such thing, there also has to be someone to define it.

What if the adults are making problems out of nothing, maybe everything is going just fine?

In a worst case scenario the authorities has nothing but a strong wish, while in the end the responsibility of integration is left to a seven year old.

Oh, and happy New Year 2015 to everybody!

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