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26 November 2011

Illustrator's movember

Movember, that's what everyone has been talking about lately. Some men have let their moustache grow for charity - men's health being the target, if there is still someone who doesn't know.

As some men seem to need couple of weeks to generate a hairy area above their mouth, I had 4 whole different set of moustache, one every week. Here's what I had:

illustrator's movember
Okey, let's be honest... The cruel truth is that those 7 hairs under my nose doesn't quite group anything that could be called moustache. But in case such a phenomena would take place between my nose and upper lip, there is some possible visions what it would look like.

Which one is your favourite?

Even though I am not able take part in Movember, It doesn't prevent me donating.

I promise to donate 15 euros if I get 15 comments for this post.

25 November 2011

Working overtime

Here's a tiny piece of work I just finished today. There's a person, who keeps working overtime, because... company's website is not self-updating... and somebody has to take care of it. It was particularly fun to play with the glimmer the laptop screen.

I tried to keep the illustration as simple as possible, but in the end I couldn't help adding one more item...

working overtime with a throwaway mug

As an illustrator I do have some manners, no question. In addition to technical manners I also seem to draw certain (secondary-kind-of) items over and over. Take a look at the illustration above and check these two illustrations: air-bag / monitored surfing. Did you find any similarities?

Why do I find those red striped throwaway coffee mugs so fascinating? I need to ask my shrink.

17 November 2011


Here's another set of challenge spiced fun.

croquis drawing

10 November 2011

Set of various spot illustrations

Here's a set of various spot illustrations I did for the latest project. Sometimes it's actually quite refreshing to do dozens of tiny illustrations in a row like a robot with no brains.

various spot illusrtations