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26 November 2011

Illustrator's movember

Movember, that's what everyone has been talking about lately. Some men have let their moustache grow for charity - men's health being the target, if there is still someone who doesn't know.

As some men seem to need couple of weeks to generate a hairy area above their mouth, I had 4 whole different set of moustache, one every week. Here's what I had:

illustrator's movember
Okey, let's be honest... The cruel truth is that those 7 hairs under my nose doesn't quite group anything that could be called moustache. But in case such a phenomena would take place between my nose and upper lip, there is some possible visions what it would look like.

Which one is your favourite?

Even though I am not able take part in Movember, It doesn't prevent me donating.

I promise to donate 15 euros if I get 15 comments for this post.


  1. Nr 1 is nr 1, definitely.
    That pair gives you a great deal of credibility.

  2. Movember is over, but my promise is still valid :)