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27 October 2015

Inktober 2015

Last year I noticed that folks were spending the gloomy and rainy October by drawing impressive set of inked pieces in the name of "Inktober", one every day of the month. This year I wanted to join the fun also myself and I did the first piece without even dreaming to do the full set of 31 days. Little by little... I found time to do more and more.

Here's some picks from the beginning of my set.

Being sometimes very badly behind THE so called schedule made me desperately draw faster than I would have otherwise done, and that, I found out, is something that I should do even more often. So far the Inktober has been a great training camp that has taught me some subtle nuances of expressive line work. Zappy line, I think, is not just a result of skill but also courage.

Making weird combinations of animal faces and fashion kind of poses has also been a great deal of fun.

It's probably against the rules of Inktober, but I couldn't help myself finishing pieces with a touch of coloured pencil.


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