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19 June 2012

Grandma feeling dizzy sketches

I just did an editorial illustration and needed to include a grandma, who is just about to faint. A man carrying a fish in the background I managed to sketch just like that, but the grandma I wasn't happy with.

grandma feeling dizzy

In addition to her face, the hands and the feet and the general pose had an important role when creating an impression of a fainting person.

grandma feeling dizzy

After trying several different poses, I found some good ones, but in the end I rejected them, because I was afraid that they were too slapstick-like. So I ended up to choosing a pose that is pretty similar than the one I started with.

grandma feeling dizzy

Here is the final line drawing before coloring. Now that I look at this, there's too much suffer in her face and she should have been slightly more out of balance. It looks more like she's just having a headache.

grandma feeling dizzy

Like so often, only once you do something, you know how it should have been done. Better luck next time. I'm already looking for a chance to draw a fainting person :)

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