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17 May 2012

Track and field sketches

As a very tiny part of a bigger project I just did some spot illustrations for track and field topic. Analyzing and sketching those sporty-kind-of postures was such a good lesson of anatomy.

What I found especially fascinating, was the "cross step pose" in javelin throw that takes place just before the actual yank. It's like a calm moment before a storm. In this sketch there is also a high jumper in act.

There's actually quite a similar moment in pole vault - the very brief floating moment when the upward speed has lost all its power, but the gravitation hasn't yet started to take it all back. Accompanying sports here are hurdle race and relay race.


  1. Great job!!!
    Are there more sketches about track and field? Can this pictures be used for athletics federation web-page?

  2. Oh, thaks a lot.

    I'm afraid I haven't saved these sketches, so these couple of low resolution images are all that there are. But if they are good enough for web page, just go ahead.