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03 December 2013

Caricature of Pekka Tirkkonen - the wizard coach of SaiPa

In between my other projects, I'm preparing my first caricature course, which will be in couple of months. As a part of that process I'm trying to improve my own caricaturing skills. The best way to do that is to do a lot of caricatures. I know I should just do a lot of quick studies, but when doing a caricature of the coach of my favourite ice hockey team I couldn't help myself going further and doing a whole illustration.

Also, once again, I couldn't resist the temptation to go with the space theme that is loosely related to SaiPa, as it has that sputnik satellite in its logo. That very same approach I did utilise when illustrated an imaginary cheerleader character for SaiPa a year or some ago. Which reminds me that I'm still four teams short of the full set of finnish hockey league teams. Hope to have time to do that during this hockey season...

Pekka Tirkkonen the hockey coach of SaiPa navigating a space shuttle

When selecting the victims for my caricatures, I have been relatively kind for myself and picked quite easy targets. Easy or not, there really was some struggle during the process, but in the end I'm quite happy for the result. Also, once again, it was proved right what Pablo Lobato has said: it takes 70% of time to study the person, and only 30% to draw the final piece.

So, I'll probably post more caricatures sometime soon...

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