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15 October 2012

Ice hockey cheerleader 3/14 - Blues

Here's the third character in my set of imaginary ice hockey cheerleaders for the teams of finnish ice hockey league. From the teams that haven't yet got the cheerleader character, it was the Blues from Espoo that was highest in the standings and therefore earned the character number 3.

Already long ago I have heart claims that Blues haven't quite managed to win the hearts of Espoo citizens. It has also been said that the image of Blues is a bit tasteless and boring. During the start of the on going season their effort has been so strong that at least lousy performances are no longer a valid reason to look down on Blues.

There wasn't any particularly obvious feature of Blues that I could grab on. In the end it was actually the song that they use to play when Blues scores that gave me the idea. That song is "Who let the dogs out" from Baha Men. And speaking of dogs, some have used a metaphor of hound dog to describe the energetic travail of Blues.

Instead of including for example a dog leash, bone shaped teething ring... or some other dog related element in the image, I wanted to use a more subtle reference. With the gaze of the eye and the body stance I tried to achieve something from that brief moment when someone, who had walked into an unfamiliar yard, suddenly realizes that the sign telling: "beware a raging dog" wasn't there for nothing.

ice hockey cheerleader for blues

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