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10 October 2012

Ice hockey cheerleader 2/14 - Jyp

Here's my second piece of a set of imaginary ice hockey cheerleaders for the teams of finnish ice hockey league. I started with SaiPa, that had a wonderful flying start for the season 2012-13. Unfortunately its days of glory seem to be over for now and the first position in the standings has changed for a pretty moderate ranking.

Jyp instead has managed to keep up a strong pace, and it's now having the leading position in the standings. That's why it's clearly Jyp, that's highest in the standings and therefor my next "victim".

As with SaiPa I had this strong space related thematics to scoop from, with Jyp there was a hurricane and twirl to base on. Strong, dynamic, twirly ambiance I hope I managed to create.

ice hockey cheerleader for jyp

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