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13 August 2011

A figure in the dust - Lara Croft

I was lucky to draw Lara Croft for a project I'm currently working on. For that particular purpose it's just a simple spot illustration on white background. After I finished it I couldn't resist doing a very quick experiment and work it a little bit further. Would be fun to something like this more often.

Lara Croft - a figure in the dust


  1. Very nice! Simple and streamlined, very effective. This is awesome. If there was a comic book of Tomb Raider that looked exactly like this I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. Thanks Zee! Nice words, I'm flattered. Comics I haven't done that much, but recently I've felt some itch to do something like that. So I guess I'm waiting for the idea for a story... Gotta finish the gorilla first :)