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28 March 2013

Ice hockey team SaiPa's season 2012-13 in infographics

I just had a course of infographics with my students. And as I do every now and then, I also did the exercise that I gave to my students.

It wasn't hard to come up with a subject as there was a slight disappointment banging in the back of my head, caused by my favorite ice hockey team SaiPa, whose season had just ended a bit too early. My high hopes were obviously based on SaiPa's good efforts during the season. Especially the season start was outstanding, as I have stated in my earlier post (Ice hockey cheerleader 1/14 - SaiPa).

Well, that's sport, and there's always the next season... Thank you SaiPa for the exciting turn of events during the season 2012-13. Keep up fighting!

Here's the wrap up. Click to enlarge the image.

Ice hockey team SaiPa's season 2012-13 in infographics

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