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04 December 2012

Ice hockey cheerleader 6/14 - KalPa

My project of drawing an imaginary cheerleader character for every team of finnish ice hockey league is almost halfway. Number 6/14 is KalPa from Kuopio. As I've tried to include some reference to the team or its image in characters, this time I had hard time coming up with any. Therefore I merely aimed to have a nice looking character in KalPa's colors.

Those of you that anxiously want to find some deeper reference to KalPa may see a wolf wheeling around its prey before the final strike. That concept of delayed pleasure actually goes hand in hand with the famous sport related expression in Kuopio dialect: "ee laakasta, naatitaan" / "let's not shoot yet, let's enjoy".

Oh, what does that wolf thing to do with KalPa..? It used wolf's head in its logo some years ago. Fortunately it was dumped and replaced with the original KalPa logo, which I happen to like much much more.

ice hockey cheerleader for kalpa

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