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23 September 2012

Ice hockey cheerleader 1/14 - SaiPa

I'm not a hardcore hockey fan, but I follow the sport enough to have a favorite team (in finnish hockey league). That team is the mighty SaiPa from Lappeenranta. Well, to be honest that "mighty" depends a little bit from viewer's point of view... usually when a season ends SaiPa can be found from some of the lower rows of standings, and its role is merely to be the pain in the bigger teams' asses than to fight in the finals. As SaiPa's succes can't be taken for granted, every victory has normally been happy news.

Therefor the start of on the going season (2012-2013) has so far been too good to be true for a SaiPa fan - 4 wins in 5 games and SaiPa is holding the first place in standings. I know that it's too early to start any fireworks, but at least the flying start lets us expect an interesting season.

Being happy for my favorite team's nice effort I drew this cheerleader for SaiPa. Let's hope it gives the team a little bit extra boost for the rest of the season. That may be needed when kicking other teams' butts.

ice hockey cheerleader for saipa

As there is a satellite in SaiPa's logo and its nickname is "Sputnik", it was pretty obvious to include space related thematics in the image.

Drawing this was so much fun, that I set myself a goal to draw a cheerleader for every team of the finnish hockey league. I hope to have that extra time during the on going season... I'll always pick the team which is highest in the standings at the time. Well, isn't that something to fight for? :)

EDIT (7.12.2013)
Now available as shirt. The text is customizable.


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