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27 August 2012

How to protect yourself against dropbear koalas

Illustrating, like so many other things, is constant learning. Not just learning things concerning illustrating itself, but also vitally important knowledge.

An illustration project I'm working on at the moment increased my knowledge of animals with a highly important bit. I knew that there are bears called koalas - lazy, slow, harmless bears sitting in treetops eating eucalyptus leaves. What I didn't know before, is that there is a certain subspecies of koalas called dropbear. Dropbears are much bigger and they are lurking in trees waiting for a catch to drift under them... and then... oh yes, they drop down... Everyone can guess what happens when a creature with sharp teeth and claws attacks from above onto one's head. And by the way, they eat meat.

Luckily there is a way to protect yourself against dropbears: rub toothpaste behind your ears and you'll be safe.

Here's an image I drew to illustrate the story of dropbears. Unfortunately it was rejected by publisher. They wanted the dropbear instead of a person projecting himself agains dropbears.

person protecting himself against dropbear koalas

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