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10 January 2012

Sketches of the Top Dog character

One of my very recent works was to illustrate a schoolbook of English language. For the book I needed to design a dog character called the Top Dog. I just ran into the very very first sketches of the Top Dog when I was cleaning up my desk. It was a bit awkward to see again how stiff and clumsy the character was in the start.

sketches of the Top Dog character
... now I'm happy, that back then I had some time to be unhappy with it...

sketches of the Top Dog character
Trying to achieve street credibility with the pose. It's funny how far one can lean back and still look quite natural. Even though the pose is apparently resisting gravitational force. I also tried a pair of teeth, but obviously didn't see them work. Too cruel for teenagers, maybe.

sketches of the Top Dog character
Not so surpricingly the character is also a skateboarder. That if something calls for a dynamic pose. That spray can wasn't allowed... "I'm a vandal dog". A marker pen wasn't that dangerous.

sketches of the Top Dog character
The finished character can be checked out on my illustration portfolio (set 1, set 2).

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