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21 December 2011

Who is more likely to be the Santa Claus?

It's only couple of days to Christmas. It's time for magic and excitement, but it's also time for disbelief. Yes, about Santa Claus.

There's a lot debate about his existence, whether his real of just a mythical creature. I'm not saying Santa Claus doesn't exist. I guess it's just his physical qualities that makes me slightly suspicious... Well, think about it. A dude carrying a huge bag of presents here and there around the world flying with a band of reindeers, making his way through chimneys, visiting billions of children... and all this action during one night. Not an easy exercise, I think.

So let's be honest. Which one of these two characters are more likely to get the job done?

who is Santa Claus

1 comment:

  1. I would vote Mojo Priest Steven Seagal for Santa..he wouldnt need reindeer to fly. Unfortunately he too looks like Number 1 nowadays.