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04 October 2011

Letting loose a flock of birds and a mythical horse

How to build up a feeling of spirituality in an editorial illustration? At least there was no room for funny characters this time. Cliche or not, I ended up letting loose a flock of birds and a mythical horse, Pegasos.

Here is an in-progress image in Illustrator.

spiritual health in-progress
... and the final work after a Photoshop session.

spiritual health


  1. Beautiful! There seems to be happening quite a bit in her head, and still the image is calm and serene. I may have a need for illustrations of that style in the future. May I contact You in that case?

  2. Thanks a lot.

    Oh, I would be glad to help you. You'll find my contact information: http://www.sun-i.com/contact.html